The core of Transtar’s business is international transport and the provision of transport organisation services

Transtar T.P. OÜ was founded in 1996 with the aim
of becoming rich and beautiful

Now, nineteen years later, we are just beautiful. The core of Transtar’s business is international transport and the provision of transport organisation services.

Actually, the development of the company has been a big learning curve for all of us, a continuation from things studied at school. Everything which was not taught at school or which the schoolboy did not bother to learn has become a little clearer. And really only a little bit clearer as the learning process always continues. And we are grateful for this opportunity.

In our search for happiness we have acquired lorries, and a lot of them, because we wanted to be very happy. Elementary economic rules, including the words “owners’ equity” and “loan money” and their proper balance determined the reasonable development of our company. At one time, we were the biggest employer in Tartu. The office had two desks with two labels: “registration” and “clearance”. These desks have taught us to keep our promises. They also told us about setting borders, mutual responsibilities, and about their actual fulfilment.

The company’s development has offered a lot of time and space to manage our egos. That may be called the key topic. We may think that we just deliver goods from one place to another on a daily basis, however, each action involves the human factor with different contracts, agreements, requests, and activities. Work cannot be organised without knowing the process. Without knowing people, they cannot be led, but we learn to know people when we understand the dynamics of our own acts.

And here we have reached the issue of our egos.

”Outside world is beautiful, nice and good” – in this sentence we have found the mantra of our balance.

The picture that opens through our eyes contains various emotions. A part of the picture we do not like shows us our shortcomings. And so, when we meet obstructions and problems, we try to first look into ourselves and usually our questions are then answered.




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