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Electrical works

We keep your electrical system in good order. We work efficiently both under low and high voltages.


We dive into the soul of your heavy machinery and, if needed, start the healing process.

Repair of air systems

Tere are four elements in the universe – oil, oil, oil and AIR. It is vital to keep the latter balanced. More information in the price list.

Painting works

We paint (read: colour) sunrises and rainbows in the adventure-filled days of your workhouse (read: heavy machinery).

Engine repairs

“Ambition is a dream with a V8 engine.” – Elvis Presley. We keep the engines running so that dreams can come true.

Welding works

Welding means that two or more details are heated or compressed to achieve a comprehensive form – after all we are involved in science!

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Transtar Service 2015 price list:

1) metal works 23 €/h + VAT
2) conventional welding works 23 €/h + VAT
3) aluminium welding works 25 €/h + VAT
4) air works 25 €/h + VAT
5) turning works 25 €/h + VAT
6) milling machine works 25 €/h + VAT
7) preliminary painting and painting works 25 €/h + VAT
8) post-accident restoration 25 €/h + VAT
9) electrical works 28 €/h + VAT
10) filling the conditioner system of a lorry 92 € + VAT
11) regulation of the headlamps of a lorry (a pair) 10 € + VAT
12) testing of the batteries of a lorry (a pair) 10 € + VAT
13) loading the batteries of a lorry (a pair) 5 € + VAT
14) restoration of the brake cam shaft of a lorry/trailer 40 €/pc + VAT
15) diagnostics of a lorry 20 €/pc + VAT + running hour of an electrician 28 €/h + VAT
16) diagnostics of a trailer 20 €/pc + VAT + running hour of an electrician 28 €/h + VAT
17) diagnostics of an idle/additional heater (kero) 10 €/pc + VAT
18) prewelding hot wash/steaming of an ADR vehicle/trailer 200–250 €/pc + VAT
19) engine repair/engine works 25 €+ VAT
20) installation of hydraulics 25 €/h + VAT
21) call for a spare part after 18:00 50 € + VAT
22) price of a working hour after 18:00, subject to agreement
23) short call (Kõrveküla–Tartu) 32 € + VAT + running working hour
24) price of a call to a foreign country, subject to agreement
25) repair of the generator of a lorry 87 € + VAT (does not include disassembly/assembly from the vehicle, 87 € + VAT
where relevant the price of a voltage regulator is added)
26) repair of the starter of a lorry (does not include disassembly/assembly from 87 € + VAT
the vehicle)

List of services

1) maintenance and repair of lorries;
2) maintenance and repair of trailers;
3) aluminium and other welding works;
4) metal works (turning and milling works);
5) electrical works;
6) repair, installation and sale of idle/additional heaters (keros);
7) repair of starters and generators;
8) repair of the ABS/EBS systems of Haldex, Knorr-Bremse and other trailers and, where relevant, their replacement with Wabco system kits;
9) diagnostics (lorries and trailers);
10) air works (repair of air systems, etc.);
11) used spare parts for lorries;
12) sale of restored (warranty covered) transmissions, reducers, steering boxes, also with replacement/installation. The prices are several times more affordable for the customer than in brand dealerships;
13) post-accident restorative repairs of heavy machinery (where relevant, an exact and final price quote/pre-repair calculation!);
14) soda and glass spraying services/works;
15) preliminary painting and painting works (including extensive surfaces);
16) repair and restoration of rocker bearings;
17) maintenance, repair and spare parts of ADR equipment;
18) making of sub-frames for cistern/tank semi-trailers;
19) overhaul of lorries and trailers;
20) preparation of lorries and trailers for technical inspection;
21) repair and making of tailboard lifts and other smaller cylinders;
22) replacement of the shell of the tank of a cistern/tank semitrailer, etc.;
23) repair of superstructures (e.g., making of various components of the Multilift version);
24) installation of hydraulics kits on lorries;
25) inspection of heavy machinery before purchase/sale;
26) preventive repair services;
27) repair and straightening of the frames of lorries and trailers;
28) restoration of stabiliser rods of lorries;
29) repair and restoration of the electrical components (e.g., various blocks and electric control units) of lorries and trailers (if possible):
30) welding, strengthening of ADR tank/cistern floorboards, pressure tests;
31) repair and restoration of the superstructures (e.g., the load surface of a tipping lorry) of lorries and trailers (if possible):
32) replacement of the cabin of a truck (if needed, together with preliminary and final painting);
33) repair and restoration of various types of fuel tanks (e.g., welding, pressure test, painting);
34) making of frames for various types of hydro cylinders of lorries (e.g., a cylinder for lifting an axle or load surface). Non-standard solutions are also possible;
35) restoration of various plastic parts (e.g., fenders) with glass cloth.

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